Big Numbers 3

Big Numbers... Alan Moore's next masterpiece to be, a few years after Watchmen.
Sadly only 2 issues ever made it to print. But what phenomenal 2 issues they were/are.

Well the unpublished 3rd issue, completed by Bill Sienkiewicz before he handed the art reins to Al Columbia (oh, what a mistake that was), as been made available in hi resolution here. I haven't read it yet but can't wait to go home and pretend it's 1992 again.

(via The Fate Of The Artist)

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Blogger suny2000 said...

Merci de l'info!
C'est a la fois noel, parceque je vais enfin pouvoir lire la suite des deux volumes que j'ai dans ma bibliotheque, et bien triste, parceque frustrant...

Damned Bill! Pourquoi es-tu si faignant?

8:12 PM  

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