revisiting an old friend

I've been on a sketching "frenzy" for the past few days. Nothing compared to the daily production of guys like Ashley Wood or the Black Frog but quite a big deal for me. And it feels good.
This might even lead me to do some pages sooner than expected.

This one was done this morning, on a 5,45 x 3,6 inches Semicolon book that i find so iresistible i even took it to bed with me last night.

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going 3D

Two things happened this week:
- i finished a (pocket-sized) sketchbook.
- i was asked (for my job) to turn 2D images in 3D.

Thanks to Corentin who provided me with a pretty neat tutorial i was able to do just that in no time. And now i'm aching to do some personal stuff.
But before that, acouple of tests.

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